Nha Trang Cathedral

About Nha Trang Cathedral

Nha Trang Cathedral , located on the Bong Mountain at an altitude of 12m compared to the residential area, is in the center of Nha Trang City, Khanh Hoa Province.
Nha Trang cathedral is  also called the Christ the King Cathedral, Fr. Louis Vallet pastor of the Nha Trang community (Cho Moi – Ngoc Hoi Parish) started to construct under the technical advisory of architect Nesty on September 3, 1928. In May 1933, the church was dedicated and inaugurated.

The main building materials for the church are ferroconcrete and split stone, creating a solid structure with smaller cubes gradually reaching from low to high, the highest point of the church is the top of the bell tower, where the cross is located (38m high from the street), On top of the bell tower also hang a copper bell produced by famous manufacturer Bourdon Carillond of France, In addition, there is a large watch with 4 faces in four directions.

Nha trang cathedral has an area of 720m2, Gothic style (France) with the most prominent feature is arches bend, wide, toward the sky. decorative motifs use straight lines, arranged in harmony, creating simple but no less dignified beauty, besides, to effectively exploit the sun, many types of green, red glass have been inserted into the arches, creating brilliant beauty and luxury.

On the right, Along the way up to the church on the top of the Bong mountain are the little boxs attached to the stone wall contains the ashes of the deceased. The left side extends to the front of the church is a cluster of 14 stages of the cross. statues of the 12 apostles and statues of Christ the King, 24 saints, including the statue of the Risen Lord creating a stately and rich statue garden.
Nha Trang cathedral was chosen as the church of Nha Trang diocese. The church is not only a place for Nha Trang parishioners to attend the ceremony and pray but also to attract tourists.

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