Hon Chong Promontory Nha Trang

About Hon Chong Promontory Nha TrangHon Chong promontory Nha Trang consists of large stones overlapping, this rock has become an place of attraction of Nha Trang city.

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Here you can feel Hon Chong promontory as the intersection of mountains and sea. By only a few steps you can reach the sea or the foothills. Visitors also hear many interesting stories about this rocky area amidst a beautiful natural landscape. Hon Chong consists of two large cliffs located on the coast of the foothills of La-san hill, created by the erosion of the tide to this hill. Large cliff in the sea is called Hon Chong, consists of a large rectangular block of stone lying on a flat and broad rock, the rock face facing the sea with a large hand-shaped dent.

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The people of the sea often tell the story of the Hon Chong: in the past, this place is cliffs standing upright and rugged, on a stormy day, a boat from the far away of the young couple was hit by a big wave drifted to shore, the boat crashed into the cliffs because the wave was so big that the wife was swept away, her husband rushed, jumping into the sea to save his wife but human power can not stop natural power, one hand holding his wife, one hand trying to cling to the cliff, due to unstable cliffs so when he tried to cling to the cliffs that plunged into the sea that engulfed both young unfortunate couple.

Hoi Quan Hon Chong Nha Trang 13
Hoi Quan Hon Chong Nha Trang 13
Hon Chonga
Hon Chong

Because of the great love this place had a name husband-wife island, especially the fingerprints have been buried deep into the stone that the husband has left.
A few steps going up will be the old house or Nha Trang Bay Club, which displays many pictures of the Hon Chong Promontory as well as many famous sights in Nha Trang.


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