Bird Nest-Hon Noi Island

Bird Nest Hon Noi Island

Bird nest island is not the name of any island, but with any islands has bird nest is called Bird nest Island.
In Nha Trang, there are 9 bird nest islands, but only two island with the most bird Nest that is Hon Noi island and Hon Ngoai island. In recent years, Hon Noi attracts many tourists by having double beach with clear blue sea water separated by small white sandhill.

Tour Dao Yen Hon Noi 490k 1403 18
Hon Noi

Hon Noi is a bird nest island located in Nha Trang Bay, The island is about 25 km south of Cau Da port, because Hon Noi belongs to the management of Sanest Khanh Hoa company so to visit here tourists have to book tours, can not go in self-sufficiency.

How to travel Bird nest Hon Noi islandYou go to Nha Trang by airplane, car, motorbike, train… then follow the tour to Hon Noi. From Cau Da port tourists take more than 1 hour by boat to reach Hon Noi. Each trip has at least 25 guests. Appropriate time to travel in Hon Noi is from March to September, the other time period can not go because often rain, strong waves should not run to ensure safety for visitors.

Tour Dao Yen Hon Noi 490k 1403 17

Du Ha peak high only about 90m so all visitors can climb to admire the view of Hon Noi. Climbing to the top of the mountain you can zoom in and out, seeing the double beach is made up of a curved sand hill, enjoy the whole view of the island and the peace of the sea.Come to Hon Noi, you should visit the bird nest cave and learn about the bird nest farming. Bird nests are harvested twice in March and August, you will also see quite many watchtower of the local people.

You also can:
Sea bathing under the blue clear water
Watch corals and colorful fish.
You can go to Hon Ngoai, Hon Sam Island is just minutes away by boat.
On the island there are bridges made of bamboo, wooden zigzag go along cliff very beautiful and safe to photograph.
Cost for Hon Noi island trip
Price of tour Hon Noi island for only 490.000/Adult
245.000/child (1-1,3meter)
50.000/child under 1meter

The program of Bird Nest Hon Noi Island Tour

07h30: Pick up at the Bird’s Nest port, departure to Island. You will use light breakfast (sandwich + 01 bottle Sanna 330ml + 01 cans of sanest water + 01 cold towel) on the boat.

09h00: Come to Hon Sam Island, you visit the bird nest cave , you learn to exploit the swallow’s nests and hear the legend of birds nest, watching and observing how birds live and nest as well.

10h00: glass bottom boat take you to visit the coral reefs, explore hundreds of rare marine species are under the sea.

11h00: Continue the cruise, take you to visit the main point of the program is Hon Noi with the only double beach in Vietnam, this place is surrounded by two cliffs, pristine beaches, Visitors here for viewing the sea, watching the mountains, watching the houses protect the island loclate on the cliff, guests can enjoy swimming, sunbathing, fishing, exploring coral reef ecosystems. in addition, to see the panorama and especially the legendary double beach, you have to overcome 220 steps to conquer Du Ha peak 90 m above sea level.

12h00: Have lunch at the restaurant on the island with seafood.

14h00: Visit the Temple of Sanest Khanh Hoa

14:30: Departure back to the mainland

Service includes:
Carriage + Light breakfast on board + Drinking water + Lunch at restaurant on Hon Noi Island + Glass bottom boat + Entrance fee + travel insurance + Value Added Tax (VAT).

– Tour only from March to September is the best time of the year.
– Buy tickets: Enough number of guests ship is going to depart. When booking, the tour desk staff will advise you of the days when it is possible for the boat to run. Weekends usually depart
– Those who are seasick should drink medicine before 15 minutes and do not sit in the prow area’
– Do not throw garbage into the sea or on the island, put it in the trash or ask the island staff to help.
– Should wear a hat to against sunlight, sunscreen and sunglasses to protect eyes
– Snorkeling equipment if you have
– The camera should fully charge the battery

Contact to book Tour and more information:
Send us message through facebook chat box below or call 0964171621 Mr Tâm

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