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About Yersin Museum in Nha Trang city

Yersin Musium (1)
Yersin Musium

Alexandre Yersin settled in Nha Trang in 1895, he chose the fishing village – Xom Con. He lives in a French-built blockhouse built by the French. The ugly rectangular squares were rebuilt into a charming duplex apartment. The layout is very simple, each floor has only one room, Surrounded by corridors with multiple consecutive doors. Later the roof was turned into a dome so that he placed the telescope.

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Yersin Musium

In 1975, due to war, the house of Alexandre Yersin was destroyed. but since 1958, furniture, personal belongings, scientific equipment and archives have been collected and stored in corridors and rooms around the Pasteur Library, which is the first museum about Alexandre Yersin. The new museum is located right next to the Nha Trang Pasteur Institute, built in 1997, with the intention of preserving the spirit of Alexandre Yersin’s apartment layout in the fishing village, which consists of a central room, the surrounding is the symbolic corridor to the old apartment’s corridor. From the original materials and instruments and additional copies of the collection, museum collections recall the life of Alexandre Yersin before.

A tour of the exhibits shows: childhood, school time, expeditions, plague and the discovery of Plague bacteria, settle in Nha Trang and Pasteur Institute in Indochina, breeding and plantation, science curiosity and the titles he has achieved. Some instructive tools to better understand the different aspects of his research. A chest reveals the items he uses during expeditions. The short film made the photographs he took and the journeys diary to better understand his adventure. Next to the original microscope, four models illustrate stages that have been marked in the history of the plague: Alexandre Yersin isolates the Plague bacteria; mice spreading the disease; disease spreading from fleas and produce serum for disease resistance.

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Yersin Musium

In measuring instruments and scientific instruments, 3-dimensional float glass, morse signaling antenna, telescopes, and cameras are evidence of Alexandre Yersin’s passions as well as The desire to always try and understand the newly invented technique. as well as finding practical applications.
The room in the middle, where the furnishings of the old house is kept will resurface his private life. The bookshelf shows a generous head as well as a tireless curiosity. The book covers very different topics such as geography, history, aviation, astronomy, meteorology, electromechanics, automotive, physics….but also the novel “Mask” shows how he loves detective novels in short breaks.
In 1991, the Yersin Museum was recognized by the Ministry of Culture – the Socialist Republic of Vietnam as a historical-cultural relic.

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Yersin Musium

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