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Xq Nha Trang

Located in a quite beautiful location on Tran Phu Street, Nha Trang XQ Art Center has the scale of operation as a hand embroidery village with a specially closed technology process. This process has brought the traditional hand embroidery industry in Vietnam to a new turning point: hand embroidery art and high bold ethnic culture. Thus, for many years, Nha Trang XQ Arts Center has become a cultural tourism destination – an attractive tourist attractions near and far.

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Xq Nha Trang 

Visitors to the XQ Nha Trang Arts Center come from a variety of sources: Tour companies, tour guides, friends, sometimes passers-by…The peaceful and quiet space with pictures is arranged cleverly between lights and colors, harmonious combination of poetry and painting. And the embroidered paintings with the theme of homeland, flowers, landscapes or the human body of XQ embroiderers are leave the viewers deeply impressed. It is a nostalgic memory of the childhood village, of the distant memories… And from anywhere, the visitors have almost the same emotions, admiration and respect before the patience of handmade embroiderers. The embroiderers are very ordinary, but besides the embroidery technique, the talented hands, seemingly embroidered with the heart of sentimentality, silk needles hide both the spirit of life, their trust , making the embroidered pictures full of life. Don Marric, an Australian tourist, exclaimed, “This is the most unique art I have ever seen. The color of the paintings left me with a deep impression ”

The first point guests are invited to visit poetry garden or garden compose. It is a peaceful and shady garden with a poetry table and green tea or roses. This is the place to welcome the friends of the Center. This is also the place nurturing the soul of artisans, so that they have creative conditions and stick with their careers … Taking visitors to this place is to understand their soul part of the person doing Painting to feel better paintings.Leaving the poetry garden, guests are taken to the altar hall where the worshipers of the people are skilled in the embroidery development such as Nam Phuong Hoang Hau, Doan Huy Hoang Thai Hau and Le Cong Hanh.

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Xq Nha Trang 

After exploring the origins of the embroidery industry, visitors are taken to the area of the painter to learn the stages of finishing an embroidery picture.From drawing, pattern, frame design and embroidery. Embroidery stage is done in an artist’s house – this is a place where tourists are very interested and often admire the front of skill of the artisans. Guests will also be introduced to a fairly important stage: that is the painting evaluation. Once the picture is complete, the XQ Evaluation Council will evaluate whether the picture has technical and artistic elements to certify the painting. And each picture has a personal identity from the name of embroiderers, the artist’s name, to the time of completion of the picture. All will give you preliminary concepts so that guests feel deeper spiritual beauty hidden behind each picture….

XQ Nha Trang

Visitors at Nha Trang XQ Center.
Representing a travel company, commented: “Not just an art gallery, XQ has raised its scope as a trade village, helping visitors better understand the roots of Vietnamese culture. And that is why foreigners love this place.

With visitor areas:
– Poetry Gardens: showroom 1.
– Traditional Aesthetic Room: Showroom 2.
– Space for creativity and work of artisans XQ: Room of worshiping Emperors.
– Silk hand embroidery paintings are a valuable gift bearing the love of the homeland and also the items of high quality interior decoration of the Vietnamese nation.

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