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    With many years of experience working in the tourism industry in NhaTrang.  With the prestige and love for the tourism industry, is pleased to share full information about SEAWALKER IN NHA TRANG

    NhaTrang is well known as a tourist paradise of the sea and islands. NhaTrang has a variety of large and small islands for tourism, specifically there are famous Islands such as BIRD NEST ISLAND – HON NOI, BINH BA ISLAND, DIEP SON ISLAND, MONKEY ISLAND.  Within the framework of this article, is pleased to share all the islands providing scuba diving tours, and tour SEAWALKER IN NHA TRANG

    In the South of NhaTrang city (Toward the cable car of vinpearl land), NhaTrang city is blessed with five breath-taking islands located adjacent to each other in the order of heading to the South, namely HON TRE ISLAND, HON MIEU ISLAND, HON MOT ISLAND, HON TAM ISLAND and HON MUN ISLAND.


    Vingroup has competed the acquisition of the use right for Hon Tre Island and built an international-standard amusement park named VINPEARL LAND and one of the longest cable car in the world with the length of 3.32 km. With modern design and daily renovation, VINPEAL LAND is currently divided into 5 main recreation areas: THRILLING GAME AREA, INDOOR GAME AREA, WATER PARK, FLOWER GARDEN and SAFARI PARK; the current ticket price is VND 880,000 / adult; visitors can purchase ticket at the ticket counter of VINPEARL LAND or at hotels  (See how to buy VINPEARL LAND ticket cheaper here).

    – Coral Bay: This Bay belongs to HON TRE Island but currently not managed by VINGROUP (No future plan revealed yet).  This area is adjacent to the marine reserve of NhaTrang waters, so coral reefs, fish and marine life are diverse and splendid. This is the FIRST area that has ever organized scuba diving and and tour SEAWALKER IN NHA TRANG to admire fish and corals.


    Immediately after starting the four-island tour from Cau Da Port at the foot of the cable car, visitors will be able to see Hon Mieu island on the right hand along the train rail direction ( Quite a crowded island whose population is about 3500 people living); amusement areas available on the island are:

    – Tri Nguyen Aquarium: (Built in boat shape for the purpose of fish species exhibit and raising for visitors). Entrance fee: 170,000 VND / Adult and 85,000 VND / Child ( 0.8 – 1.3 meters in height); free for child whose height is under 0.8 meters.

    – Bai San Beach: (Nice beach, with amenities such as umbrellas, sun loungers, water sports such as basket boat, Kayak, free fresh water bath ..) the entrance fee is 40,000 VND / Adult and 30,000 VND / Child (0.8 – 1.3 meters in height), free for child whose height is under 0.8 meters; free entrance to BaiSan Beach if visitors walk from Tri Nguyen Aquarium.

    – BaiTranh Beach: (A splendid beach with full of entertainment facilities like Bai San Beach).  Entrance fee: 50,000 VND / Adult, 30,000 VND / Child

    – Mini Beach: In the eyes of tour guides and visitors, Mini Beach embraces the peace and freshness thanks to long white sandy beach, especially sun loungers and amenities available for visitors are more modern compared to those in the remaining beaches.

    Especially, this is the SECOND island in NhaTrang that provides the service SEAWALKER IN NHA TRANG


    kinh nghiệm đi tour 4 đảo nha trang

    This is a small island with a small number of inhabitants, but its beauty and peace is undeniable; the Island is located far from the shore, so it is still pristine. Because of its proximity to the marine reserve area, corals and fish here are quite diverse; sea water at favorable weather visitors can observe the sea bottom through crystal clean water in favorable weather conditions.  Tourism services are: Snorkeling and scuba diving to see fish and corals.


    In recent years, the Island has built a 4-star resort with a splendid beach which is over 1km and the availability of various games. Especially, the services of BATH MUD and NHA TRANG SEA WALK are also invested to upgrade the services rendered here. Entrance fee to Hon Tam Island: 250,000 VND / Adult, 175,000 VND / Child (1-1.4 meters in height). Visitors are given the opportunity to:

    • Immerse in the blue sea with clear water and the coastline of more than 1 km with fine white sand
    • Use beach facilities: Umbrellas and sun loungers
    • Use 2,400 m2 swimming pool with available buoys
    • Join in water sports such as basket boat or Kayak
    • Join beach football and volleyball
    • Use the mini golf course (free of charge for 20 balls)
    • Use the children’s club with creative and safe games for children, visit traditional Vietnamese handicraft villages: Pottery, wine making, weaving, conical hat making by skilled artisans
    • In addition, visitors can also play water sports such as parachute, jet ski, banana boat and especially flyboard… with charges.

    It is advised that if visitors choose the THREE-ISLAND TOUR OR FOUR-ISLAND TOUR BY CANOE, visitors should not come here but should spend a day for HON TAM TOUR to be able to enjoy the whole package of the island or can book a resort on the island and spend the night on the island.


    As the most remote island with various things worth commenting and mentioning if visitors really desire to enjoy the true beauty of the sea.  HON MUN Island is located in the heart of the marine reserve area in NhaTrang, Vietnam

    This reserve area is about 160 km², including 38 km² of ground and 122 km² of sea surface. The marine ecosystem here is abundant; especially 340 out of 800 hard corals in the world are present on this Island. In the black rock caves of Hon Mun, nesting birds nest in these caves annually. Due to the terrain of the island which is very close to the ocean currents, it has suitable conditions for the development of diverse types of corals and tropical marine organisms. The seabed of Hon Mun is a set of marine population abundance and diversity. It is the ideal place to observe and study as well as is useful for marine research, oceanography and visitors to learn about the sea.

    At HON MUN ISLAND, the sea surface is blue all year round along with a variety of fish species and coral reefs in the marine reserve; therefore, SWIMMING OR DIVING here is the BEST.  Visitors can truly immerse in the nature here.


    Since this is a marine reserve, no company can register and bring equipment here to organize NHA TRANG SEA WALK but ships and canoes can only transport visitors here for SWIMMING, SNORKELING OR SCUBA DIVING.

    If visitors have registered scuba diving here, it will be divided into 2 areas: One is the near shore area with the entrance fee of 22,000 VND per person; this is the place visted by hundreds of thousands of visitors from Vietnam to Europe, Russia … especially from China on an annual basis, so coral reefs in this area are no longer beautiful and negatively affected by tourism activities. The other area has the entrance fee of 60,000 VND / person.  This area remains a pristine beauty. Therefore, visitors should check in advance to visit here for SNORKELING OR SCUBA DIVING.

    CONCLUSION:NhaTrang sea walk is only available atthreelocations: CORAL BAY ofHON TRE ISLAND, HON MOI ISLAND and DONG TAM onHON TAM ISLAND


    1. It is recommended that visitors should have breakfast and drink water before diving because an empty stomach will makes visitors uncomfortable.

    2.It is recommended that visitors should not bring along cellphone covered by waterproof bag because it can only be used for swimming.  When diving, high pressure water will make the bag damaged and let water get inside to wet the cellphone.

    3. It is recommended that visitors should use a large amount of sunscreen before and after diving because high salt content of the sea water on the island will easily cause sunburn risks.

    4.It is not easy to find snacks such as cakes, fruits on the island and even if they are available for sale, the price is really high, visitors should buy those on the mainland and take them onboard for hungry times before lunch.

    5.It is recommended that visitors should prepare swimwear; the more gaudy the swimwear’s color is, the better photos will be.

    6. Swimming skill is not required for sea walk.  If visitors are nearsighted, they can wear glasses underwater.

    7.Children from 7 years old are allowed to join this experience.

    8. People with blood pressure, asthma, heart disease are not allowed to go diving.


    • Visitors will be provided with a pair of shoes to walk underwater, so please choose a fit one so that it does not slip underwater.

    • Sea walk is a high-end form of diving, so your hair will not be wet and you can breathe through nose and mouth as usual. Female visitors can apply makeup without the fear that their makeup will be washed off by sea water.

    • The tour guide will then help visitors put on a helmet. It’s a bit heavy on the shore but it will not be that heavy when visitors step into the water.  Instructor will take visitors to the bottom of the sea.  Visitors will lose about 30 seconds to balance body with water pressure.  In the diving helmet, there will be noises.  Don’t worry because it’s the noise of the gas system.  Then visitors will be guided to admire each coral reef with colorful fish.  Don’t be too fascinated with coral reefs and just look at those, remember to look at the camera and pose for memory photos.

    • Under the water, visitors cannot speak; even if they shout loudly, the guide still cannot hear, so it is necessary to use hand signs. Hand signs will be instructed by the guides before visitors enter the water.  Visitors should always follow instructions of the guides; in case of feeling uncomfortable and wanting to get out of the water, wave with hands and raise the thumbs up so that the guides will walk you out of the water. Visitors should not arbitrarily remove their diving helmet.

    • For corals that visitors are not familiar with, do not touch with hands or cheek. There are certain types of corals making hands itchy when visitors touch those. Visitors should only look, and when approaching soft corals, the guides will instruct visitors to touch those.

    • Fish may swim around if visitors prepare some bread for them.

    • The duration of each sea walk is 20 minutes; visitors will be extremely excited about the sea walk.

    Things to note when joining NhaTrang sea walk:

    • Please follow instructions of the guides
    • Wear slippers
    • Do not break, pick or step on corals
    • Especially do not arbitrarily remove the diving helmet
    • In case of feeling uncomfortable, wave hands to let the guides know
    • Keep holding on to the stairs before reaching the bottom
    • When suffering from earache and tinnitus, put your hands in the helmet, hold your nose and keep pushing the air out of the ears (until the relief of tinnitus and earache), and swallowing saliva may also reduce earache and tinnitus.


    1. Visitors will be picked up at the meeting place in the center of NhaTrang city or at Cau Da port
    2. The above price list is applied from 01/01/2019 till availability of a new notice and does not apply during Tet and holidays
    3. For sea walk during holidays and Tet, please call in advance for price notice
    4. Reservation and confirmation of tours/ services via email / phone one day before departure
    5. Please call in advance for price notice if visitors have “international diving certificate”

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    • Admission ticket, lunch, fresh water bath and sun loungers
    • Guide for diving or walking
    Not included
    • Costs of foods and drinks not covered by the tour
    • Water sports such as fly fish, jet ski, banana boat… if visitors want to participate.
    • VAT and port fee (3,000 VND / person)
    Child policy
    • Children from 7 years and older can experience NhaTrang Sea Walk
    • Ticket fare is the same as adult’s
    • Remember to bring swimsuit, personal clothes, and slippers.
    • Bring wide – brimmed hats, sun cream, camera or mobile phone to take the beautiful photos.
    • The cost of transport services are not applied for holidays, Tet…

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