Yangbay waterfall Nha Trang

yangbay waterfall nha trang

About Yangbay Waterfall Nha Trang

About 45km from Nha Trang city, Yang Bay is located in a wide valley with an area of 570ha, 100m above sea level in Khanh Vinh district. This is a pristine forest with fresh, cool climate. Yang Bay attracts visitors by the pristine nature of the jungle of grass, trees and waterfalls, airy air. According to the Raglai dialect, Yang Bay means “waterfall heaven”.

 yangbay waterfall nha trang yangbay waterfall nha trang yangbay waterfall nha trang

Here, the formation of three waterfalls: Yang Bay, Yang Khang and Hocho. Yang Bay is the main waterfall, 80m high, 2,000m long, including Yang Bay 1, 20m high, 200m long with 2 small lakes and 1 large lake; continue is yangbay 2, besides that 
There are War Zone cave H1, H2, Hocho waterfall 1, 2, and two smaller waterfalls are Yang Khang and Hocho with cold water flowing down the rocks to create white foam like clouds, creating beautiful scenery and charming. Especially, at the Hocho Waterfall, visitors also enjoy and explore the natural hot mineral water that when dipped down will feel two streams of hot, cold water flowing parallel.

yangbay waterfall nha trang yangbay waterfall nha trang yangbay waterfall nha trang

Since 2003, Yang Bay was transferred to Khanh Viet Corporation (Khatoco) for management and exploitation. When newly acquired, Yang Bay is just a forest and wild waterfalls, undeveloped infrastructure, travel is difficult. Taking advantage of the natural landscape, Khatoco has built and developed Yang Bay, and invited geological and architectural experts inside and outside the country to survey and build a suitable tourism development model. Ensure the development of the natural environment.

From the wilderness, Yang Bay has now become an eco-tourism area with many unique tourist products. Over the years, Yang Bay has been invested to renovate, upgrade infrastructure, equipment, develop a variety of new products for tourism. Shop for souvenirs, jewelry, accessories … for the visitors to choose.

yangbay waterfall nha trang yangbay waterfall nha trangyangbay waterfall nha trang 

Coming to the amusement park, visitors can enjoy many new and unique games, the most fun is pig racing. The pigs are trained and become “athletes” with four legs running and jumping through the barrier looks very strange.Archery and javelin throwing
Requires meticulous, persistent and powerful players to have fun experiences, In particular, the first time in Yang Bay appeared crocodile game – a game that brings a strong feeling.

Farewell to the exciting and exciting games, visitors to visit orchid garden with many colors and fragrances or visit the wild bear and new freshwater crocodile breeding technology…Guests can also immerse themselves with the very special music played from the lithophone or come to learn and enjoy traditional music at the galleries ethnic instruments with hundreds of traditional instruments such as: T’rung, Lithophone, gong, tu va….In addition, visitors also enjoy live traditional music characteristic of the ethnic Raglai

yangbay waterfall nha trang yangbay waterfall nha trang

After enjoying the entertainment, shopping, visitors will enjoy the food at Yang Bay Restaurant, featuring attractive dishes made from crocodile and ostrich meat,

yangbay waterfall nha trang

Every year, Yang Bay welcomes tens of thousands of visitors to visit. Currently, Yang Bay is one of the famous tourist destinations of Khanh Hoa, named on the “tourist map” of Vietnam. In the coming time, Yang Bay continues to invest in the construction of mineral bath, mud and luxury resort with many new unique tourism products

yangbay waterfall nha trang yangbay waterfall nha trang yangbay waterfall nha trang 

Map of Yangbay waterfall Nha Trang


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