Diep Son island

About Diep Son Island

Diep Son island is famous for the white sand road locate under the sea water level connecting two islands with natural scenery wild. It is an unspoiled pristine beach, but with a unique road under sea water level about 0.5m, Diep Son is increasingly attracting more visitors to explore Van Phong Bay.

diep son island


Let’s look at Diep Son island from above, the beautiful images with wild sea, charming landscape, mountains, sea, clouds, and the road between the immense ocean.


diep son island

In the middle of the ocean, the trail stretches for less than one kilometer, winding under sea level surrounded by small fishs is swimming, create a stunning scenery.
The ideal time for visitors to Diep Son Island is from December to July every year. At this time quite convenient with sunshine and cool sea breezes, especially this is also the time the sea road is the most visible.

diep son island

 Come to Diep Son island, visitors can participate in many activities as well as bathing in jade blue water, rowing pannier or surf on the sea with canoes to view the whole scene here. 

With clean space, quiet and separate with urban, go to Diep Son, tourists will have interesting experiences between the natural, to clear all the troubles in life and retain many beautiful memories.

diep son island

Walking through the sea is something that probably is not possible. But in Diep Son we can go and feel at the foot of smooth white sand, surrounded by the vast ocean,the wind, the sun on the head. This is a wonderful gift that Mother Nature gave.

diep son island

Diep Son is located between Van Phong Bay, belong to Van Thach Commune, Van Ninh District, Khanh Hoa Province. From Nha Trang to Diep Son island, you take the bus to Van Gia Port with a journey time of about 1.5 hours, then hire a boat or canoe go to Diep Son.


Map of Diep Son Island


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Diep Son Island Tour  24usd  

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