Ba Ho waterfall

About Ba Ho waterfall

The famous Ba Ho waterfall attracts visitors with its natural beauty and unspoilt nature, romantic rivers and lakes.

About 25km north of Nha Trang city, the Ba Ho stream (belonging to Ninh Hoa district), originates from Mount Hon Son, 660m above sea level, flowing between the two mountains down to the village of Phu Huu, Ninh Ich commune then pouring into Nha Phu lagoon.

The stream is called Ba Ho because of its source, on the way across the mountain, down to the sea, there are three times the stream opened up on the mountain, creating three consecutive lakes with beautiful natural scenery. With a length of over 3km, visitors have to go through a journey that is not easy to explore all three lakes. Each lake is connected by steep streams, or grass bushes, steep cliffs. To admire the entire landscape, the only way that visitors must prepare is the spirit of conquering slippery slopes or the thrill of not knowing what to expect in the bushes of the shore.

Follow the trail, climbing to the first lake visitors may have been discouraged because too tired, to the second lake, one must cross the bumpy rocks, the cave sometimes only allows one person to pass, And when you come to the third lake, you really have "tasted" enough of the feeling of climbing, crossing streams. Besides enjoying the air, visitors also conquer the height, discover the small caves, waterfalls with white foam flow and the feeling of both exciting and interesting, after climbing, visitors can relax under the shady trees of the primeval forest or just dive in the clear water and enjoy the melody of the mountains with the birds singing and sound of stream flows. 

According to the local people, to complete the journey it takes nearly 1 day.


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